Independent supplementary review 2009

How is Yorkshire Forward reviewed?

Yorkshire Forward is subject to regular independent review, commissioned by government and used to evaluate the role of the agency in the region.  This is managed by the National Audit Office (NAO).

In 2007, the NAO carried out an Independent Performance Assessment (IPA) - the report determined that we perform ‘strongly overall’, with particular strengths in our ambition, capacity and achievement.

In 2010, Yorkshire Forward was again assessed by the NAO in the ISR – Independent Supplementary Review.

What did the ISR look at?

The NAO assessed Yorkshire Forward using three key questions:

  1. How effectively has Yorkshire Forward prioritised the development/delivery of programmes and projects that offer high value added benefits for the region in the economic downturn and in preparation for the upturn?
  2. How effectively has Yorkshire Forward implemented improvement plans?
  3. How effectively has Yorkshire Forward implemented improvements in performance management processes and procedures to reflect the lessons of previous evaluation


How did they do this?

ISR was split into five key activities:

  • the planning stage (including evidence submission) from October 2009,
  • an on-site visit in January 2010 including interviews with external partners and stakeholders,
  • the creation of a report,
  • consistency and moderation of the report (across all RDA’s);
  • and the creation an Improvement Plan.

More information

The final ISR report is due to be published in Summer 2010 and will be available on this website.