Impact of RDA Spending – National Report

On 31st March 2009, the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform published a report on the impact of investments by RDAs in England. The study looked at a cross section of RDA investments between 2002/3 and 2006/7, assessing how successfully they had achieved their objectives of job creation, business support and physical regeneration.  Its headline findings show that in this period, for every £1 spent by the RDAs, an average of £4.50 of economic output (or Gross Value Added - GVA) was put back into the regional economies.

Volume 1 gives the national picture and Volume 2 provides a set of annexes for each of the RDAs, including Yorkshire Forward. This work was undertaken by PricewaterhouseCoopers and involved each agency submitting independent evaluation reports to demonstrate their impact. There were 33 Yorkshire Forward evaluations included, covering £750m spend between 2002/3 and 2006/7 (more than 60% of the investment for this period).  Both volumes of the main report and 32 of the Yorkshire and Humber evaluation reports that contributed to them are available to download from the links below. (The last of the 33 evaluations was the single regeneration budget – SRB – investment which was covered through a report on SRB across all regions.)

For further information, please contact Sue Richardson, Yorkshire Forward Evaluation Manager, .

Impact of RDA spending – National report – Volume 1
Impact of RDA spending – National report – Volume 2

Business competitiveness and development reports:
E-Business Unlimited
South Yorkshire Design Works
South Yorkshire Generic and Intermediated Start Up
York and North Yorkshire Business Support and Enterprise
Cluster Initiatives
Broadband Gap and NYNet
Centres of Industrial Collaboration
Industrial R&D Award
Science City York

South Yorkshire Inward Investment Grant

Targeted Export Support Scheme
Investment in Resource Efficiency

Regeneration through physical infrastructure reports:
Bradford Centre Regeneration
Holbeck Urban Village
Renaissance Market Towns
Renaissance Towns and Cities
Sheffield One Urban Regeneration
Stainborough Park/Wentworth Castle
Hull Quays
Rail Rolling Stock
Renaissance South Yorkshire
Modernising Rural Delivery
Hull City Build

People and skills reports:
Graduates Yorkshire
South Yorkshire Transitional Labour Market
Directions Finningley
Train to Gain
South Yorkshire Social Infrastructure Programme
West Yorkshire Skills Programme
University Centre Barnsley

Yorkshire Futures
Churches Regional Commission

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