The ICT Yorkshire Business IT Guide

Despite the widespread use of information and communication technology (ICT), there are still some businesses which could make better use of it. Many could significantly improve their efficiency and profits if they only had a better understanding of what computer systems could do for them, and how to use them effectively. This is where the ICT Yorkshire Business IT Guide (BITG) can help.

Why are some businesses slower to use ICT?

Some of the barriers to greater ICT adoption include the cost of training, phobia around the jargon, embarrassment around admitting a low level of adoption, and lack of time to explore the options. SMEs make up 99.5% of all businesses in the UK, and these are the group most likely to be lagging slightly behind on ICT adoption.

What is the ICT Yorkshire Business IT Guide?

The guide is an online resource designed to help managers and leaders of SMEs to understand which types of ICT could benefit them and their particular situation, and supports them in taking action. There’s also guidance on topics such as using email to promote the business, setting up a website, selling online, and data protection. 

By asking quick questions about business objectives and priorities, it helps to identify those issues which affect business, and recommends a clearly defined course of action. The guide is extremely easy to use, and can be re-used as often as required.

How useful is it?

More than 1,350 businesses benefited from the BITG in its first year—and 96% of its users said they would recommend it to other small businesses.

Who’s behind the BITG?

The guide has been developed by e-skills UK, the sector skills council for IT and telecommunications, in conjunction with industry experts and small businesses, with funding and promotional support from Nynet (broadband transformation for North Yorkshire, supported by Yorkshire Forward).

Why is Yorkshire Forward involved?

Half of Europe’s productivity gains in recent years are attributed to ICT investments. It’s estimated that the continued adoption and exploitation of ICT could generate an additional £35bn of GVA to the UK economy over the coming 5 to 7 years, and Yorkshire & Humber needs to benefit from its fair share of this.