Our vision for Yorkshire & Humber

We want Yorkshire & Humber to be a fantastic place to live, work and invest.

For businesses 

We want to create a place where people are inspired to work hard; to start up their own businesses; to work together and share ideas. We want businesses to be as productive, innovative and competitive as they can be.

For people

We want everyone to have access to the same opportunities, whoever they are and whatever their background. We want them to aim higher: to reach for excellent skills, to be in interesting jobs which pay well. We want them to be ambitious, and to know they can find the support they need to get where they’re going.

For places

We want to encourage healthy, inclusive communities. We want to promote respect for the environment, and to show how to care for and enhance the places around them. We want our cities, towns and rural areas to be thriving, attractive places to be, where there are opportunities for everyone. We want those places to be well-connected, so people and goods can move around easily. We want people to be able to choose freely where they live.

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