Crime against business in South Yorkshire drop by nearly a quarter


The South Yorkshire based Business Crime Reduction Centre (BCRC) report shows that crimes against businesses were down 24% in the first quarter of 2010 compared to the same period in 2009.

Using figures provided by South Yorkshire Police, the Centre breaks down reported crime in a number of ways including types of crime, reported value of the property stolen and the levels of crime in each of South Yorkshire’s individual towns.

Although the retail sector experiences most in numbers of crimes, it is sectors such as Logistics and Engineering that show the highest monetary value of losses, giving rise to the description ‘low volume – high value crime’.

Analysing the number of crimes committed in each of the major towns in the county shows that in Barnsley 14% of businesses were victims, Sheffield and Rotherham each saw 16% of its businesses hit by crime, while Doncaster suffered most with 20% of its businesses being victimised.

Although the trend for crime against business is firmly down, there are some underlying concerns, for example the reported value of metals being stolen has increased by 15% when compared to 2009. This probably reflects increased demand by industry for metals, which are stolen, sold on to scrap dealers and eventually make their way back onto the legitimate market.

David Ransom Director of the Business Crime Reduction Centre commented.

“We are delighted to be able to report such a significant drop in the number of crimes being committed against our local businesses. That’s probably little compensation if your business has recently been victimised, however there can be no doubt that overall the picture regarding business crime is improving. This can only be positive for South Yorkshire, because crime is undoubtedly a brake on the forward movement of the economy”

Jim Farmery, Assistant Director for Business, said: “Sadly businesses will always be a target for thieves, but these figures show that we are doing all we can to combat those who prey on businesses.

“These figures are not only a testimony to the hard work of our team of expert Business Crime Reduction advisers, but also the strong partnerships we have built with regional police forces.

“Any loss from a business has the potential to cause financial problems, particularly for smaller businesses, and it’s important that this work continues.”