Accessing funding for rural businesses

Funding is available to help rural businesses and communities in our region to access grants for socio-economic activities, including starting or growing a business, via the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE). The RDPE is jointly funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development  and the UK government.  In our region, Yorkshire Forward is responsible for the delivery of £9.5 million of these funds every year until 2013.

The Rural Enterprise Investment Programme (REIP)

REIP is a package of support for rural businesses which need public funding to start up or expand. The sort of projects which can be supported include:

  • Rural business growth through innovative farm diversifications, rural micro-business creation, development and investment in the tourism product, and the development of collaborative ventures by land-based businesses
  • Investment in supply chains and added value within the food and forestry primary processing sectors, including innovation and collaboration within the supply chain and on farm renewable energy and resource efficiency.

To receive support, applications must be for grant investment of £25,000 or above. (Note that European State Aid rules limit the total amount of funding available to individual businesses and the percentage of grant investment available at various levels).

The Farm Resource Efficiency Programme (FREP)

FREP is a capital grants programme available to help farmers improve the overall economic performance of their holdings through the introduction of new technologies to promote energy, manure and water resource efficiency.  See our page about the FREP.


If you’d like to find out more about these programmes, please contact a member of the RDPE team: 

West Yorkshire
Louise Hardcastle
E-mail.  (
Tel. 07896809050

North Yorkshire
Andy Pickard
E-mail.  (
Tel. 07896809070

South Yorkshire & Humber
Chris Franklin
E-mail. (
Tel. 07966622059

Vicky Wren
FREP Facilitator
CO2 Sense Ltd
Email: (
Tel: 0113 237 8461

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