Accessing loan funding for your business

Our regional economy is stronger when bright ideas can take root as new businesses—and when those businesses are able to flourish and grow. But getting started and building your business often requires a helping hand.

Yorkshire Forward offers access to a range of financial loans for entrepreneurs and existing organisations across Yorkshire & Humber, as outlined below. You can also find out about other business support services from Business Link Yorkshire.

Sources of loan funding

Finance Yorkshire

Finance Yorkshire, partly funded by Yorkshire Forward is a £90million fund set up to provide businesses across the Yorkshire and Humber region with funding to start and grow. The Fund will provide seedcorn, loan and equity investments ranging from £15,000 and £2million, to help small and medium businesses raise the funding they need alongside investment from the commercial market.

The South Yorkshire Investment Fund (SYIF) 

SYIF helps businesses which need funding for development or acquisition, where the usual sources of finance are insufficient or unavailable. It offers seed-corn finance (£15,000 to £500,000) and business loans (from £15,000 to £150,000).

Partnership Investment Finance (PIF)

PIF helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and social enterprises to find the gap funding they need to grow, create jobs, attract inward investment and enjoy a secure and successful future. Thanks to a £37m mixed loan and equity fund, made available by the EU’s Objective Two programme, finance packages ranging from £15,000 to £1m are open to businesses in parts of Yorkshire, Humber, and North Lincolnshire.


Sirius established in 2000, helps to create sustainable jobs in existing companies and to set up new micro-businesses. It is a community-based project designed to help people at a skills disadvantage (through lack of business planning and basic management skills), and who have limited access to affordable finance from traditional sources. The fund was established by BP at its Saltend Site, near Hull, to help support the local economy and community. Loans range from £1,000 to £25,000 (although most are under £10,000). They are available to people within Sirius’ geographic area (Hull and Holderness), which contains some of the most deprived wards in the UK.

Community Development Finance Association (CDFA)

The CDFA is the trade association for the community development finance institutions (CDFIs). CDFIs are sustainable, independent organisations offering financial and mentoring support to entrepreneurs in more deprived and disadvantaged areas, helping to generate social and financial returns. They provide capital and business support to individuals and organisations where the outcome is intended to create wealth in disadvantaged communities. The CDFA programme supports 5 CDFIs across the region, which in turn provide loan funding to new and existing businesses which have been unable to secure support from other lenders, such as the high-street banks.  

Proof of Commercial Concept Fund (PCCF)

The Yorkshire Concept: Proof of Commercial Concept Fund 2007-2010 (PCCF) is a joint venture between Yorkshire Forward and Yorkshire Universities, capturing the potential in the huge pool of talent and knowledge which exists within the region’s higher education institutions. PCCF offers early-stage funding to assess the feasibility of business ideas, and can provide the financial support they need to develop their research to the point where it can attract seed-corn funding, investment, licensees, or income. PCCF creates new economic activity through spin-out and start-up companies, licensing intellectual property and knowledge transfer to existing companies, and converting research and knowledge into commercial products and processes. Projects supported by the PCCF will create new businesses, new jobs, more innovative and competitive companies, and greater wealth for the region’s economy.

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