Accessing export funding for your business

Yorkshire Forward wants to promote more international trade between Yorkshire & Humber’s businesses and global markets, enabling them to access more customers and thereby enriching our region’s economy. We also encourage joint ventures & strategic alliances in key international markets, and provide access to finance which will support the success of our region’s businesses overseas.

Sources of export funding

Targeted Export Support Scheme (TESS)

To date, TESS schemes have supported over 1,200 companies in Yorkshire & Humber, and helped to increase sales by over £100 million. TESS offers grant support of around £5,000 (to be matched by the applicant) to help companies with anything from identifying and visiting potential markets to modifying their websites for international customers. It also funds a targeted marketing campaign aimed at helping companies across the region become more aware of the opportunities offered by international trade. Delivered by UK Trade and Investment, TESS focuses on supporting companies which operate in key industry sectors, helping them to start or expand their export activities.

The Facts

  • International trade currently accounts for 20% of Yorkshire & Humber’s GDP.
  • To date, TESS has supported over 1,200 companies in Yorkshire & Humber, helping to increase exports by over £100m.

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