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ERDF Contracts

Funding Agreement Templates

There are four separate Funding Agreement templates, which one is used depends on the sources of funding used in the project:

ERDF Only – used when the application contains ERDF grant and match from a source which is not Yorkshire Forward’s Single Programme, eg.  the applicant’s money.

ERDF and Single Pot Match Funding (COMBINED) – used when the application contains ERDF Grant and Yorkshire Forward’s Single Programme match funding. A Combined Funding Agreement may also contain match from other sources, eg. the applicant’s money. All Single Programme funding must be match funding and therefore ERDF eligible within the project in this template.

ERDF, Single Pot Match Funding and Single Pot which is not Match Funding (TRIPLE) – used when the application contains ERDF Grant, Yorkshire Forward’s Single Programme match funding and Single Programme used for ERDF ineligible costs within the project.

ERDF Grant for Yorkshire Forward as Final Beneficiary - used when Yorkshire Forward is the applicant for ERDF.

All four Funding Agreements comprise of four key elements:

(a)          an Offer Letter (to be signed by the Agency's authorised signatory) with its Schedules

(b)          Acceptance to be signed by the Grant Recipient

(c)          The Application for funding (Full Business Plan & attachments)

(d)          Standard Conditions with Annexes.

As the Full Business Plan (application) will from part of the final grant agreement it is especially important that all information contained within it is accurate and specific.

The format, terms and conditions of the Funding Agreements are not negotiable.

For further details on the Funding agreements please refer to the Funding Agreement guidance.

ERDF Contract Process

  • Step 1 - Full Business Plan Approval by Yorkshire Forward
  • Step 2 - ERDF Contract Manager works with the Yorkshire Forward Project Manager and the Grant Recipient to complete the Offer Letter 
  • Step 3 - Offer Letter issued to Grant Recipient
  • Step 4 - The Grant Recipient must sign and return the Offer Letter to Yorkshire Forward within 30 days of the date of the Funding Agreement
  • Step 5 - Project implementation and delivery

Yorkshire Forward pays ERDF grant to a single “Grant Recipient” per project. The Grant Recipient may act as the lead for a partnership where the Grant Recipient and delivery partners will be making use of the grant. However in these circumstances the Grant Recipient is responsible for managing and delivering the funding agreement, including submission of all grant claims and is responsible for reporting directly to Yorkshire Forward. For further guidance regarding delivery partners and subcontractors please refer to the Delivery Partner vs Subcontractors Guidance

Terms and Conditions

The standard terms and conditions of funding agreements reference a large number of documents including Acts of Parliament, European regulations and relevant regional strategies. Links are provided to all the documents and relevant websites where information is published  referenced in the funding agreements.

Documents Relating to the Funding Agreement


If you require any further information regarding ERDF Contract Management or have any questions please contact the ERDF Enquiries or telephone 0845 224 5305