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National Accounts publication timetable

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The 2011 edition of the UK National Accounts - the "Blue Book" - will contain significant changes: new industrial and product classifications, required by European Regulation (SIC07 and CPA08, respectively), improved methods of deflation and some additional improvements in the financial services area. (These were set out in UK National Accounts, Content of Blue Book, 25 March 2011 and in a further article published today.

Issue date: 29 September 2011
Type: Statement

Incorporation of the reclassification, in particular, has required systematic reclassification and re-balancing of all data for each year from 1997 to 2009. This has been a major undertaking. 

In order to ensure the task can be completed reliably, and after consultation with key users, the Office for National Statistics has decided to modify the timetable for their publication:

  • The data sets relating to gross domestic product (GDP) and its detailed components analysed by output, expenditure and income will be published as previously planned on 5 October. These are the priority statistics, of most immediate importance to our users.  More specifically, the normal Quarterly National Accounts tables A1-2, B1-2, C1-2, D, E1-4, F, G, H1-2, L, M and R will still be published on 5 October.

  • There will be a short delay to the sector and financial accounts and Balance of Payments tables (Tables I, J1-3 and K1-2) which will now be published on 25 October.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

There will be consequential changes in publication dates of other publications including the Blue Book and Pink Book, as set out in this table.

Publication Original date New date Comments

Quarterly National Accounts

5 October No change Will include GDP details on Output, Expenditure and income methods.  Minus sector accounts tables (ie tables I,J1-3 & K1-2)

Index of Services

6 October No change No change
UK Economic Accounts 5 October 25 October Delayed to ensure quality and coherence
Balance of Payments 5 October 25 October With limited geographic details
Supply-Use Tables 1 November No change Published at 114 industry by product level
Blue Book 2011   1 November No change Supply/Use and Environmental chapters

Preliminary GDP release Q3

1 November

No change

Blue Book 2011

1 November

23 November

Remaining chapters

Pink Book 2011

1 November

23 November

With geographic details

Second estimate of GDP Q3

24 November

No change

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