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This website has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. Some useful features of the website are explained on this page.

The GTC website search uses Google functionality, so works in the same way as

Enter the words you are thinking of in the box, then click on the 'search' button.

Advanced search
With the GTC search function you can use all the Google advanced functions, such as searching for:

  • exact phrases: use quotes either side of the phrase you want to find, e.g. 'this phrase'
  • excluding terms: use a minus sign in front of the term you wish to exclude, e.g. irrelevant

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These are selected links to popular website pages, and are used to highlight particular issues and timely information.

Your comments on the website
Please complete the feedback form as accurately as you can - this will help the web team to find the issue you are reporting and help you effectively and quickly.

  • Page title: this is found in the very top line of your browser window, e.g. this window's title is 'Help'
  • Page url: the 'universal resource location' or the 'universal resource locator' (url) is the web address that appears towards the top of you browser window. It shows the location of the source of the page you are looking at, for example, this page's url is
  • Name: it will help the web team to communicate with you, and to track the issue you report, if you can provide your name - but it isn't essential.
  • Your email: it will help the web team to follow up with you if you provide your email address.
  • Your views: comment on the website, its content and functionality - please also tell the web team if you expected to find information from the GTC that does not seem to be available on this website.
  • 'disguised text': the image shows disguised text which is usualy only readable by humans - this is to prevent spam. If you have trouble reading the text shown, or have a visual impairment, please email your feedback to the web team at

If you wish to give feedback about issues other than the website itself, please use the GTC main contact information.

Further help

  • Accessibility: information and links to online support.
  • Copyright: guidance about how to use information available on this website.
  • Privacy: information about how websiite user data is used by the GTC.
  • Downloading help: help to viewing and downloading PDFs on this website

Contacting the GTC web team
If you are unable to find the help you need or wish to ask further questions please contact the GTC web team.

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