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Export help for UK companies

Seasonal workers packing vegetables. © Getty ImagesUK Trade & Investment (UKTI) can assist you on every step of the exporting journey, in the UK and overseas. It provides a range of export services - helping you build a contacts network, carry out research, attend trade fairs and missions, promote your goods and services in local markets, and more.  

International trade advice

UKTI International Trade Teams are located in local offices all over the UK. Learn which UKTI services are relevant to your company, assess your capabilities from a fresh perspective, and plan next steps for your company - a list of international trade advisors can be found on the UKTI website.

Business opportunities

Sourced by UKTI staff in British embassies around the world, around 400 business opportunities are posted each month on the UKTI website, across all sectors and in over 100 markets

Sector briefings

Located on all UKTI website export sector pages, and focussing on sectors and markets where UKTI has identified real potential for UK business, these provide you with the information you need to kick-start your export strategy.


UKTI and its partners stage events for exporters and investors in every region of the UK and every country of the world. View the events search page on the UKTI website.

Market Intelligence

Overseas Business Risk (OBR) service provides declassified strategic information on business security related issues and for more than 90 countries, and incorporates FCO political and economic updates for selected markets.

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