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Our publications

Our publications

FCO publicationsWe publish official publications every year, including annual reports and public consultation and data.

We also have dedicated historians and researchers who publish their work. 

Annual reports and official publications

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The FCO publishes official publications every year, including annual reports, white papers and travel publications

Treaty command papers and explanatory memoranda

Our Policy

Treaty command papers published since 1997 and accompanying explanatory memorandum (EM)) are listed chronologically and by subject


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Our Treaty section advises on practice and procedural matters in relation to the production of treaties and information on treaties to which the UK is, or has been, a party.

Transparency and data

Our Staff Networks and Partners

Access our transparency and data information

Colonial administration files

Board Minutes

Between April 2012 and November 2013 the Foreign Office will be making available to the public a large collection of files from former British territories, sometimes known as the "migrated archives".

Freedom of information

Freedom of Information

Access information held by us through the Freedom of Information Act, Environmental Information Regulations and the Data Protection Act

Transparency and data

The Coalition Government has committed to making clear to the public how it uses taxpayers’ money. See our transparency section.

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