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Last updated at 23:22 (UK time) 30 Sep 2009

Job opportunities for local staff

Local staff
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office employs over 10,000 local staff across its global network. Local staff play an important part in ensuring our missions overseas run smoothly. Unlike UK based members of staff (who are members of the UK Diplomatic or Civil Services), local staff are recruited and employed locally by our overseas missions and their pay and terms & conditions of service are set in accordance with the local laws in the country where they work and what other similar employers there are paying.  

Local staff carry out a wide variety of duties. Many work in the Visa or Consular Sections of our Missions; helping people who wish to visit the UK, or British citizens who are travelling or living overseas. Others work in the Management Section helping to run the Mission and its estate. There are also opportunities to work as Public Diplomacy, Political or Economic Officers, and over 40 of the FCO's overseas posts are headed up by local staff officers.  

Current vacancies for local staff can be found on the websites of our missions overseas.