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Export control licensing process and how to appeal

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is responsible for the Export Control Organisation (ECO) licensing process - issued via SPIRE.

This guide provides information on how to find out whether your export goods are controlled, the stages you need to be aware of when applying for an export control licence and what ECO licence you may require.

Subjects covered in this guide

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International trade

Export Control Organisation


Export control licensing process and how to appeal


Current section



Step 1 - are the goods you are exporting controlled by the Export Control Organisation?


Step 2 - are there any Export Control Organisation controls on the destination of your goods?


Step 3 - what type of Export Control Organisation licence do you need?


Step 4 - register and apply for an Export Control Organisation licence


Step 5 - supply supporting documentation for Export Control Organisation licences


Step 6 - your licence is issued via SPIRE


Step 7 - complete an export declaration


Step 8 - comply with Export Control Organisation licence responsibilities


Step 9 - Export Control Organisation licence processing times


Licence appeals process


Annual report targets