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Companies House Direct

Access Companies House Direct
Company information at your fingertips

As all limited companies in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are registered at Companies House, we are the original source of all available company data. Come direct to us for a wealth of corporate information, costing much less than you think.

At Companies House we hold information on over 2 million registered England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland companies, and receive over 7 million documents every year.

Companies House Direct (CHD) is a subscription service.  You pay £4 per month and we give you and your organisation access to all the records we hold – that’s over 260 million documents, going back more than 10 years. All documents filed since 1995 are available as images for downloading for as little as £1 each. You can choose whether to download the document image in either TIFF or PDF format.

At such minimal cost, it’s easy to keep an eye on the performance of any business you’re involved with or consider being involved with.

How to subscribe

Apply for a Companies House Direct account. Once your account is set up, we will send you an account number, a system identification number (SIN) and password, each under separate cover.

Once you receive your log-in details, just go to to start using the service.

Service operating hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Free information

While there is a minimal fee of £1 for documents, basic company details are free, including:

  • the registered office address
  • date of incorporation
  • the nature of business and details of previous names
  • company type
  • company status, e.g. live, dissolved, etc.
  • insolvency details or actions registered against the company
  • key filing dates

Additional information

  • Document Images
  • Company Reports
  • Document Packages
  • Company Appointments
  • Personal Appointments
  • Mortgage Index
  • Certified Documents and Certificates
  • Dissolved Companies
  • Disqualified Directors
  • Insolvency Details

What to pay

Shop on CHD for documents and packages from as little as £1. Once you have selected the documents or packages you wish to download, simply order the information, and then proceed to download your documents. 

At the beginning of each month you will be sent a statement and itemised invoice. All you need to pay is a subscription fee of £4 per month along with any charges for chargeable data screens or documents you may have ordered over the previous 30 days. If it’s more convenient, you can choose to pay by variable direct debit. 

Companies House Direct Charges
Monthly subscription £4
Document Image (per document) £1
Document Package (per package) £4
Monitor Service (per company, per year) FREE
Basic company details FREE

Full price list for Companies House Direct

Symbols in the CHD Service

When looking at the filing history of the company you will notice symbols.  Below is a brief outline of the meaning of the image icons.

New Folder Icon There are transactions associated with the main document which cannot be ordered independently. There is no additional charge for the extra document(s).
New Document Icon New document unavailable image icon is displayed for the following reasons:
  • Recently filed documents these are not available to order until the red description highlight has been removed and the document available icon is displayed.
  • Older documents with this symbol and a selection box may be ordered for delivery by image download, post or fax but are subject to a short delay as they require scanning.
  • Older documents with this symbol and no selection box are not available to order within this service.
Information Icon Indicates model articles have been adopted under the 2006 Act, either in entirety or with amended provisions. These can be accessed from the Companies House website by clicking on the model articles description or the green information icon.
Green Notebook Icon Document containing the latest statement of capital.


Using the monitor service within WebCHeck allows you to keep an eye on any company on the public register, including your own company and ‘monitor’ what information has been sent to Companies House.  Just register your email address, and details of the companies and the information you are interested in. As soon as the information is registered and is live on the public register, the system will recognise your interest and send you an email notification. You can then decide whether you wish to order the information. The choice is yours.

Try a demonstration

Using Companies House Direct is easy.  Take a look at our free demonstration and you’ll see how to use our service and the information available. Access the demo

Companies Act 2006

The new Companies Act has arrived. This has had an effect on the way information is displayed on the CHD service. As you are using the service you will find the Help Text holds a wealth of valuable information that will assist with your experience.

Access Companies House Direct