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Movies on Pay TV

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Further working papers

Please read this statement relating to the publication of evidence in a Competition Commission inquiry on the CC website.


Working paper

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WP 21

Document: WP 21 role of paragraph17(c) in the TOH and the appropriate comparative scenario (pdf, 44kb)

11 May 2011

WP 22

Document: The future VOD plans of Google, Apple, Microsoft and LOVEFiLM (pdf. 44kb)

25 May 2011

WP 23

Document: The growth of TVOD and electronic sell-through services (pdf, 44kb)

25 May 2011

WP 24

Document: Competition between movie studios in the upstream market (pdf, 44kb)

25 May 2011

WP 25

Document: Demand-side substitutes for Sky Movies (pdf, 44kb)

3 June 2011

WP 26

Document: Analysis of Sky's prices (pdf, 44kb)

9 June 2011

WP 27

Document: Revised evaluation of the evidence in relation to circumstance (c) of the TOH (pdf, 44kb)

13 June 2011

WP 28

Document: Sky’s incentives to carry a product with FSPTW movie content from a competing broadcaster (pdf, 44kb)

26 May 2011


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