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Get advice and information on bankruptcy and your credit reference file.

CCTV - guide for the public

Learn about CCTV and personal information.


Think you’ve been refused credit unfairly? Credit reference agencies provide lenders with a range of information - find out more here.

Criminal records, court records and police records

Find out how to access your personal information held by the UK criminal justice system.


Find out when the DVLA can pass on your personal information.

Electoral register

Find out about the electoral register and how it deals with personal information issues.


Health records can contain highly personal and sensitive information. How can you protect them and what do you need to do if you want to see them?


Find out about housing issues: tips on moving house; questions about landlords and tenants; and how to access information from your local housing authority.

Identity theft

Your identity is one of your most valuable assets. Find out what to look out for and what to do if you become a victim.

Junk mail

Fed up with piles of junk mail blocking your doorway? You can do something about it.

Marketing calls, texts and faxes

Find out how to stop spam texts, calls and faxes.

RFID tags

Find out about radio frequency identification tags and personal information.

Schools, universities and colleges

Find out about education issues: fingerprinting in schools; exam results; taking photos; accessing pupil's information and accessing official information from educational establishments.

Social networking

How safe is it to share personal information on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook? How can you protect your privacy?

Spam emails

Fed up with spam cluttering up your email inbox? You can do something about it.

Wi-Fi security

Do you use Wi-Fi? Here are some general tips on how to get secure when using wireless networks.