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TheNash said on 08 August 2010

Hi Caffy I have a similar condition called Anklyosing Spondylitis, which causes arthritic pain similar to RA. I used to be on 6 pills of Sulfasalazine and 2 caps of Indomethacin a day. These days I take 2 pills of Sulfasalazine and 1 cap of Indomethacin a day. About a year ago a doctor at Middlesex Hospital recommended cutting down all starch in my diet. I started a starch free diet and noticed great improvements in my joint pain, and my damaged knee also healed well. I would strongly recommend purchasing a book called "The low starch diet" by Carol Sinclair, and following the diet. The book costs less than 10 pounds. Meanwhile may I recommend cutting out all potatoes, rice, bread and any kind of flour from your diet. To test if this helps, you can follow a high protein diet for a couple of days, such as eggs and sausage (non-processed kind to avoid stach stuffing) etc. Hope this helps!