Strategic analysis

One of the key areas of our work at the YPLA is to provide our partners with the data and intelligence they need to make informed planning and commissioning decisions. This is a function performed by our Regional Integrated Analytical Services (RIAS) teams and designed primarily for our colleagues in local authorities.

Reports will be shared using two mechanisms:

  • the YPLA website for non-sensitive data; and
  • the secure Provider Gateway for sensitive data.

Non-sensitive data and reports will be made available through the regional areas of the website. Our RIAS teams will share information and policy documents, links to external reports and data, and RIAS produced data and reports. Links to key partner data will also be available from the website.

Sensitive data and reports: we have agreed with local authorities that they will be able to view and download sensitive reports specific to their region and local area through the Provider Gateway’s Document Exchange and Learner Achievement Tracker (LAT). Where they are the lead commissioner, local aurthorities will also have access to individual provider reports on the Document Exchange and LAT. A username and password is required to access the secure Provider Gateway.

To support this, each LA will need to nominate two or three user-approvers who will be responsible for authorising user access for other local authority colleagues. RIAS teams have already contacted most local authorities and registered user-approvers. To find out who the user-approvers for your local authority are, please select your region from the menu to the left.

Web alerts

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