Quality assurance and intervention

The work of the quality assurance and intervention team within the YPLA is to help create a strong and effective post-16 education and training sector which is characterised by a culture of continuous self-improvement.

Post-16 quality assurance is focused on ensuring that the system funds high quality education and training. The system is being designed to set out:

  • the standards expected of all providers;
  • consistent, fair and transparent performance indicators across the post-16 sector;
  • the roles and accountabilities of providers, commissioners and stakeholders for determining how effectively providers are performing against the standards;
  • consistent arrangements for monitoring and reviewing provider performance, including the application of clear processes for interventions to address provider underperformance; and
  • clear arrangements for providing support and development, including ensuring a range of data and tools are made available to schools and colleges to help them with their self improvement and internal quality assurance processes.

The quality assurance system will be underpinned by a range of tools and procedures that set and evaluate standards of performance. Clear guidance will also be developed on when and how intervention will take place, to ensure the quality of learner progress and the achievement of outcomes.

The quality assurance and intervention team work with Ofsted, LSIS and a range of representative bodies from within the sector itself to design principles for the quality assurance system and the most effective structures through which to implement it.

The team leads for the YPLA in working with other agencies and partner organisations in instances of structural change and reorganisation in post 16 education and training.

The team also has the policy lead within the YPLA for setting out the YPLA’s approach to inclusion, equality and diversity in respect of both our internal remit as an employer, and our external remit as a funding body, including improvement activity for academies.

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