Strategic analysis

The strategic analysis pages on the YPLA website are managed by our Regional Integrated Analytical Services (RIAS) teams and serve mainly to provide information for our colleagues in local authorities. The web coordinators for RIAS in the East of England are Mark Jary and Joanna Eckersley.

All the information we post here will be organised using a set of headings that were endorsed by local authorities in three pilot regions and reflect the National Commissioning Framework:

  • Planning
  • Commissioning and allocations
  • Funding and contracts
  • Targets
  • Performance.

Under each of the headings, the content will organised into the following types:

  • Information and policy
  • External data and reports
  • RIAS aata and reports.

Sensative and non-sensitive data

Only non-sensitive data and reports will be posted on the website.

Local authorities will be able to view and download sensitive data and reports through the Provider Gateway’s document exchange and learner achievement tracker (LAT). A username and password is required to access the secure gateway, so please contact one of your local user approvers, Mark Jary or Brenda Marquiss, to get set up.

Web alerts

Web Alerts iconThe web alerts service allows you to be alerted when a new document or news item becomes available on the website.

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