North West

The third most populous region in England, the North West is home to around 6.9 million people and covers an area that extends from the Welsh Mountains in the south to the Scottish borders in the north. It contains the industrial conurbations of Liverpool and Manchester and England’s largest national park, the Lake District.

Over the past twenty years the regional economy, traditionally dependent on textiles, shipping and engineering, has diversified into the modern hi-tech and service sectors. The region’s production industries have adapted in a bid to remain an effective force in the North West economy, but digital and creative industries, biotechnology, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, telecommunications, and financial and business services are all playing an increasing role in the economy.

Over the next five years the number of young people in the North West is predicted to decline at a sharper rate than in any other region.

The North West has:

  • 55 further education colleges
  • 181 school sixth forms
  • 30 academies.

It comprises 23 county and unitary authorities and five sub-regional groups have been set up here to suport the planning and commissioning process.

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