Data and Analysis Reports

Released Theme 1, 2 and 3 Reports

The Theme 1: Understanding the Learning Landscape Overview Report, Theme 2: Attainment and Progression Overview Report, Theme 3: Progression and the Residency Reports are available from the pages linked below:

A supporting FAQ is also available.


The Statutory Guidance: Arrangements for 16-19 Funding of Education and Training sets out how local authorities, working with schools, colleges and other providers, will fulfill their statutory duties by championing the education and training needs of young people in their area.

The YPLA is supporting local authorities and providers in their respective roles through the provision of overview reports on supply and demand for 16-19 year olds’ provision. The reports are short, concise narrative reports, with high-level commentary and appropriate regional and national comparators. The YPLA also provides local authorities with 16-19 Residency Reports, describing key information for further education (FE) and school sixth forms at local authority level with appropriate regional and national comparators within data tables.

These are released on our internet at three points in the year, each covering a different theme. The reports will be made available from this page at the following points in the business cycle:

Theme Description Released by
Understanding the learning landscape This will include: an overview of programmes being delivered for residents; an assessment of travel to learn patterns; and an analysis of the nature of provision accessed by learners with learning difficulties and / or disabilities. 27th May 2011
Achievement and progression This will provide: an overview of young people’s attainment at level 2 and level 3 by age 19; attainment between different groups of learners; and learner progression. 30th June 2011
Participation of young people This will provide: trends in participation for young people aged 16-19; changes in participation of young people in different groups, and participation rates of 16 and 17 year olds. 31st July 2011

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