Riots Communities and Victims Panel

Listening, learning and understanding

The Independent Riots Communities and Victims Panel has been set up to examine and understand why the August 2011 riots took place.

We are talking directly to people who were affected in their communities including young people, local business owners, parents and residents.

Our work is looking at:

  • the motivation for a small minority of people to take part in riots;
  • why the riots happened in some areas and not others;
  • how key public services engaged with communities before, during and after the riots;
  • what motivated local people to come together to take civic action to resist riots in their area or to clean up after riots had taken place;
  • how communities can be made more socially and economically resilient in the future, in order to prevent future problems; and
  • what they think could have been done differently to prevent or manage the riots.

We will publish an interim report in November and will present a final report to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Official Opposition in March 2012. We’ll publish copies of both reports on this website.

We want to hear from as many people as possible - the most important part of our work will be to listen to the people who have been affected and we want to make sure everyone has the chance to have their voices heard. We will also work with academics, Government and other organisations to gather evidence and analysis.

There are several different ways to have your voice heard. We are hosting events across the country to talk to people face-to-face - you can see our schedule of visits and meetings here. You can also email your views to, or write to the Panel at Riots Panel, 6th floor, Eland House, Bressenden Place, SW1E 5DU. If you would like your evidence to be included in the interim report, please submit it to us by the end of October.

Darra Singh OBE
Simon Marcus
Heather Rabbatts CBE
Maeve Sherlock OBE