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How to pay the fee


last updated:01 Aug 2011

The Secretary of State for Education announced on 2 June 2010 that legislation will be introduced to abolish the General Teaching Council for England. The proposed abolition does not affect the need to register for 2011-12. For more information regarding the abolition of the GTC please see the Future of the GTC section.

Who has to pay?
Fully registered teachers pay an annual registration fee to stay on the Register. Being registered is a legal requirement for all qualified teachers who work as teachers in:

  • maintained schools
  • non-maintained special schools
  • pupil referral units.


Provisionally registered overseas trained teachers (OTT) and instructors also pay an annual registration fee. Being registered is a legal requirement for all OTTs and Instructors who work as teachers in:

  • maintained schools
  • non-maintained special schools.


The requirement to register also applies to instructors working in pupil referral units.

The fee must also be paid by:

  • those teachers who work in academies and have to pay the fee as part of their employment contract
  • any other teachers who wish to register with the GTC.

Teachers not currently working should ensure that they are registered and have paid the fee before they return to work.

How much?
The fee year runs from 1 April to 31 March each year.

The registration fee for full and provisional registration from 1 April 2011 is £36.50.

The GTC seeks to keep administrative costs to a minimum, and so does not offer reduced or discounted fees or payment by instalments.

All teachers must pay the full fee including those who are working part time, on maternity leave, supply teachers, newly qualified teachers and those due to retire during the current fee year.

Teachers who fail to pay the fee may be removed from the Register.

How to pay

Payment by cheque
Teachers who are already registeredmay pay their fee by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to 'TheGeneral Teaching Council for England'. If possible you should completethe payments slip enclosed with the most recent fee request letter andreturn it in the envelope provided.

Alternatively, send your cheque directly to:
Revenues Team
General Teaching Council for England
Victoria Square House
Victoria Square
B2 4AJ

Make sure that you quote your address and teacher reference number (TRN) on the reverse of the cheque.

Payment by debit or credit card
To pay by debit or credit card, call the Teacher Enquiry Service.

  • phone: 0370 001 0308 

If you have any outstanding fees from when you were previously registered, these will need to be paid at the point you re-register.

STRB allowance
If you are employed by a local authority or a maintained school to undertake specified work, you will be entitled to receive a special allowance of £33 as part of your salary towards the cost of your registration fee. The £33 payment is based on a recommendation by the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB) and so only applies to those employed under Teachers' Pay and Conditions.

The GTC has no control over the payment of the allowance and any queries should be directed to your employer.

Your responsibility to pay the fee does not depend on whether you receive the allowance.

Tax relief
Tax relief can be given against the fees to the GTC provided that you remain in relevant employment. 'Relevant employment' is any employment linked to the teaching profession. Precise definitions are subject to agreement by HM Revenue & Customs.

Tax relief will be available if you pay for your registration fee out of your own pocket (including payments by direct debit and salary deduction). You cannot claim tax relief if someone else pays your registration fee on your behalf.

To claim tax relief, download and complete the income tax relief form, then send it to your tax office (not to the GTC). Your tax relief will be received through an adjustment to your tax code.