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last updated:30 Mar 2009

Regulations introduced on 1 September 2008 require anyone commencing a course of initial teacher training (ITT) in England leading to the award of Qualified Teacher Status to be provisionally registered with the GTC. All trainees must be provisionally registered no later than 28 days after the start of their programme.

The relevant regulations are in:

  • Statutory Instrument 2008 No. 1884 Education England, The GeneralTeaching Council for England (Eligibility for Provisional Registration) Regulations 2008

Admissions and provisional registration
Anyone starting their teacher training from 1 September 2008 will need to have their suitability confirmed before they start the course so they can be provisionally registered with the GTC no later than 28 days after the start of their programme.
ITT providers will issue Suitability declaration forms as part of the admissions process and trainees will need to return their completed forms to the provider.
Guidance has been issued to explain how ITT providers should implement suitability assessment and deal with any forms returned with a ‘Yes’ answer. It is anticipated, however, that only a very small number of cases will need to be referred to the GTC.
Only the GTC can deem a trainee unsuitable for registration with the Council.

On-course conduct
Provisional registration will bring trainee teachers into the same regulatory framework as fully registered teachers. This means that any trainee can be referred to the GTC following a conduct matter that has led to the trainee leaving the course. For further information please email

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