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last updated:21 Oct 2009

Committees have worked to develop policy and carry out the GTC's regulatory role. There are four committees with delegated powers. The work of  these Committees is  currently the subject of Council review following the decision of the Secretary of State on 2 June. Council in February 2011 will be receiving recommendations on the future role of the Service Committees in terms of their remit as well as full Council itself in the period up to closure.

At present the roles of the Committees can be summarised as follows:

  • Executive committee - responsible for the strategic planning and review of all issues relating to the work of the GTC and for the strategic governance decisions of all matters not retained to council or delegated to other committees, the executive committee meets once a month 
  • Registration and regulation committee - concerned with all matters relating to the council’s registration and disciplinary functions, this committee meetings once a term 
  • Policy and research committee - previously responsible for developing the overarching policy and research strategy for the council, since 2 June responsible for the Council’s legacy work
  • Finance and General purposes committee - concerned with matters relating to the management of the council.


The decisions each of these committees can be downloaded by following the links to the left.

The GTC also has an audit committee, which is responsible for assessing the performance of the council. It independently reviews the overall systems of internal control and oversees the external audit process. The committee is required to report to council at least once a year in respect of these functions. 

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