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  • My first weekend of my pump was certainly action packed. We went to the beach on Saturday and enjoyed the hot weather, I was very happy with the pump and even ate out at lunch. I felt really confident with it and so happy with not injecting. Then came Sunday morning....

    I woke with levels of 22, this was the only night since the pump that I had not woken to see what my levels were, I wish I would have! I felt terrible, the first thing I tried was to give myself a correctional dose. I then had to go back to bed for an hour as I couldn't move, I've never been that high that my body felt like lead. When I tested again an hour later there wasn't much difference. I then racked my brains to figure out what I had done wrong. I decided it must have been the sun from yesterday, it was very warm on the beach so I think it must of heated my insulin too much.

    So I changed my insulin and cannula and gave myself 5 more units as a correctional dose. A couple of hours later and there still wasn't much change, I decided to give myself 5 units from my pen. In hindsight I should have done that a couple of hours before. It didn't take long for my levels to start coming down and I started to feel a bit normal. It was finally 2pm when I got back down to single figures. 

    This morning I woke up with levels of 4.5 so what a difference a day makes. I can only put this down to the sunshine and really I should have bought a frio back for pumps this would have kept it cool. I did think about buying one for when I go on holiday, you don't realise that we can actully get some sunshine in England!

    I have not let this slight step back but me off in fact I think it was a big learning curve and am hopeful for the rest of the week.


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