Tackling Infections: Put Yourself in the Picture

Many patients are concerned about Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs). They want to know the facts and have access to the right information so they can make meaningful decisions and choices about their care. Patients look to their local NHS for information and to let them know what they can do to help prevent infection and protect themselves, their friends and their families.

The NHS has already significantly reduced infections like MRSA and C.difficile, however there is still scope to reduce these and other HCAIs. The Government has made it clear that the NHS should aim for a zero tolerance approach to all Healthcare Associated Infections.

Tackling Infections: Put Yourself in the Picture is a range of resources developed to help the NHS provide patients and the public with information about HCAIs. These resources have been designed and developed with NHS staff and patients. 

Tackling Infections: Put Yourself in the Picture:

  • If you want to learn more about the key messages which are fundamental to communicating with the public, patients and their carers about HCAIs visit the key messages page
  • If you want to get some ideas about the different types of communication tools you could use at points along an example patient journey and download some useful communications materials visit the key communication touchpoints page
  • If you want to use the tools in the style guide and brand them for your local NHS then visit the design style guide page
  • We have also created a set of useful graphics which you can download and use when creating your own communication materials. Visit the graphic assets page
  • If you want to learn more about HCAI-related PR ideas that other NHS Trusts have found successful visit the PR ideas page.
  • If you want to use our staff workbook to support you and your staff in having better conversations with patients about HCAIs visit the staff workbook page.
  • If you want to see some of the recent research on communicating with patients and the public about HCAIs and tackling infections in the NHS visit the research papers page
  • We have also collected a set of links to other useful information and campaigns which Trusts have set up here. Visit the links page.
  • We would welcome your feedback on the documents and resources here, or if you have any questions please contact us.