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Our weight loss bloggers

dawnEJ decided to tackle her depression-induced comfort eating 18 months ago and has lost nearly 9 stone since
is a personal weight loss coach who has successfully lost the weight he wanted to
thinks losing weight is a "simple case of eat less & do more. If only it was as easy as that"
Miss Wyoming
has made a choice when it comes to weight: not to analyse it, just to lose it
has a history of eating disorders, including binge eating and bulimia
has lost 3 stone since last September and has joined the blog to keep her 'on the straight and narrow'
put on weight when she stopped playing badminton for her county to concentrate on her A Levels
has a new exercise regime which includes getting involved with conservation projects in her local area
was shocked at the scales when she weighed herself so decided to do something about it
wannabethin was told he was obese during a weigh in at his GP surgery
Shorter and Sweeter 23
has 6 weeks off and wants to lose 7lbs by walking and swimming
Southsideman has a non-drastic and gradual approach to weight loss. Weight is not his enemy, just the 'excess flab'
has bouts of depression which affect his weight and wants to tackle his psychological relationship with food
Miss S has lots of motivation to lose weight, like her imminent wedding and trying for a baby
chocaddict has a BMI of over 40 and wants to lose 8 stone to be her healthy weight
motherzdaughter has been steadily putting on weight since having her 3 year old
EveCandy has got her life in order and now plans to try and lose 1lb a week until she's lost 3 stone
Thunderthighs has a thyroid problem and high blood pressure which has lowered since she started at the gym, so there is ‘all to play for’
has invested in a cross trainer and is keeping a workout diary to get the most out of her exercise routine
tintin63 is clinically obese, has PCOS and has struggled to keep off the weight gained in her pregnancies
Sarah Casey's body is 'host to a two-stone squatter that is resisting eviction'
MissDetermined has accepted that walking to the bus stop can't be classed as daily exercise
Nightshiftmom has been on a rollercoaster of emotional eating since a tragic accident aged 18
has a habit of eating at 2 in the morning, which is sabotaging her efforts to lose weight
is determined to lose weight without resorting to fad diets or 'celebrity' plans
has dusted off the scales and hopes to lose almost 3 stone
Newmum29 wants to be able to play with her newborn son without needing to lie down afterwards
JetV has been trying to lose weight for years but yo-yo's every time
Travenner's wake up call that she was overweight came when she went shopping
LincsLady is the biggest she's ever been but knows if she wants to lose weight she has to put the effort in
Until the fat lady sings
reckons she's got 6 stone to lose and has made a good start
Jay Bee
has always battled with her weight and has put back some of the 4.5 stone she lost 2 years ago
says she's 'normal, just fat' and wants to lose 7lbs by her 24th birthday in mid April
 is changing his diet, running a 10k and cycling to work in order to shed 2 stone

has already lost a stone since Christmas and wants to lose another
wants to lose the 2 stone she's gained since meeting her other half
 was a size 26 at age 19, but has lost 7 stones and taken up triathlon 
is using a combination of eating better & less and more exercise to lose 4 stones 
is in her early 30s, 11st 4 and wants to lose 2 stone
EleanorB wants to lose about a stone and has signed up for a 10k run in May
DanielS is using WeightWatchers to shed some of his 'well upholstered self'
Curly Girl
 is happy being a size 14, but wants to be a smaller size 14
Sweetney is on an exercise referral scheme to help her lose weight
Ffredsmum aka Sue wants to tackle her weight now her arthritis treatment is easing her pain 

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