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After a children's centre inspection

The children’s centre gets a copy of the inspection report soon after the inspection, and is asked to comment on its factual accuracy.

The report is published on our website within 15 working days of the inspection, unless it is judged inadequate. It is then published within 25 days.

We send the report to the local authority at the same time as it is published.

There is also a parents summary.

To find the inspection report, go to the Find an inspection report page.

Note that if the centre has a maintained nursery school or has registered early years or childcare provision, it will have separate inspection reports for these. For these reports go to the appropriate Find an inspection report page: schools; early years and childcare.

The local authority which is responsible for the centre must make sure:

  • the report is given to everyone who needs to see it
  • an action plan is written, addressing the suggested improvements in the report
  • the action plan is clearly displayed in the centre, and in other suitable venues like the Family Information Service or local health centre.

If a centre is judged inadequate we will inspect it again within 12 months of the first inspection. Other centres may go for up to five years before they are inspected again.

To find out what happens before and during an inspection read the pages on the left.