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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Get a Pension Credit estimate

You can get an estimate of how much Pension Credit you may be entitled to. The online calculator that provides your estimate is quick and simple to use. Read this page to find out more about this service and get an estimate now.

How to use the Pension Credit calculator

The calculator is easy to use and it should take no more than a few minutes to give you an estimate. Simply follow the instructions and when you have completed a screen, press the 'Next' button. If you make a mistake, you can use the 'Previous' button on your toolbar.

When calculating entitlement for Pension Credit the 'net' figure for all your taxable income is taken into account. This means you should provide the net figure for all your taxable income when using the calculator.

Important information - if you haven't reached the Pension Credit qualifying age

You can use this calculator even if you have not yet reached the Pension Credit qualifying age. The Pension Credit qualifying age is gradually increasing to 65 alongside women's State Pension age.

To get a Pension Credit estimate from this calculator enter '1 January 1950' as your date of birth on step two of the calculator.

Remember the amount of Pension Credit you'll get will depend on your circumstances when you reach the qualifying age. 

See 'How your Pension Credit may change' below for more information.

Applying for Pension Credit

The Pension Credit calculator gives you an estimate of how much Pension Credit you may get. It is not an application for Pension Credit. If you decide to apply for Pension Credit, see 'Pension Credit - introduction'.

If you or your partner is registered blind you should call 0800 991 234 to find out if you might be entitled to Pension Credit.

How your Pension Credit estimate may change

The estimate you are about to receive is based on the information you provide about your circumstances.

Remember that your estimate may be incorrect if:

  • you input incorrect or incomplete information
  • your circumstances change
  • benefit rates and rules change

Your estimate and your circumstances

The calculator will not cover everybody's circumstances, for example if you have certain housing costs, or are disabled or a carer. If you feel that it does not cover your circumstances, please contact the Pension Credit helpline.

Pension Credit qualifying age

More information about your Pension Credit qualifying age is available in ‘Pension Credit – introduction’.

Your information is secure

The information you provide is not stored so you don’t need to worry about privacy issues. The use of this calculator will not affect any application you decide to make.

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