Linked Data

Linked data is data in which real-world things are given addresses on the web (URIs), and data is published about them in machine-readable formats at those locations. Other datasets can then point to those things using their URIs, which means that people using the data can find out more about something without that information being copied into the original dataset. This page lists the sectors for which we currently publish linked data and some additional resources that will help you to use it. Most sectors have one or more SPARQL endpoints, which enable you to perform searches across the data; you can access these interactively on this site. Reference Reference data covers the central working of government, including organisational structures where these have been made available as RDF. Browse Search Ordnance Survey Ordnance Survey have released a number of their products as linked data, including postcode units and administrative areas. Browse Datasets Search Transport Transport data covers the transport infrastructure and data about traffic flow. Note: the data provided here dates from March 2010. Browse Datasets Search Guides Legislation Legislation data is provided by Browse Search Guides Finance COINS is available as linked data in a beta version. We are working on providing an API onto this data, but for now only the SPARQL endpoint is available. Search Datasets Further Information