QCDA is closing as part of the Government's education reforms. We're updating our website to reflect our reducing remit until the site closes in autumn 2011. You can find removed content in the National Archives web archive.

Contact us

This section contains all the contact information you'll need, including directions to our office.

Contact details

Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency
53-55 Butts Road
Earlsdon Park
Coventry CV1 3BH

Telephone 0300 303 3010 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)
Textphone 0300 303 3012
Fax 0300 303 3014  

QCDA no longer provides a general enquiry function. Please contact the Department for Education on www.education.gov.uk/help/contactus.

QCDA no longer administers national curriculum assessments. This function is now performed by the Standards and Testing Agency (STA). Please contact them on 0300 303 3013.

STA Orderline
PO Box 29
Norwich NR3 1GN
Telephone 0300 30 33 015
Fax 0300 30 33 016

Please note: Our London offices are now closed and, therefore, any QCDA London telephone numbers are longer be accessible.  Please redial using the 0300 numbers shown above.

Press office

The QCDA press office has now closed.

Getting to our office

Last modified: 30 Sep 2011