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About Benjamin Evans
Benjamin Evans

Areas of expertise:

  • Road/Runway Surface temperature modelling
  • Rail Surface temperature modelling
  • Scientific programming (Fortran, OpenMP, IDL, Unix)
  • Site-Specific forecasting techniques

Publications by Benjamin Evans 

Benjamin works on road and runway forecasting.

Mr Benjamin Evans

Benjamin works to improve the Met Office's capabilities in road, rail and runway weather forecasting.

Current activities:

  • Developing and maintaining the Met Office Road Surface Temperature model (MORST)
  • Assisting in the operational running of the OpenRoad,  OpenRail and OpenRunway forecast products
  • Developing Site-Specific forecasting algorithms
  • Developing Statistical Correction algorithms

Career background

Benjamin has been working within the area of road weather forecasting since joining the Met Office in February 2008. Prior to this Ben completed a BSc in Physics at the University of Exeter.

Last Updated: 5 October 2011