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Climate services

The natural world and human population are already affected by natural variations in climate — particularly extreme events. This vulnerability will increase in some areas as climate changes.

The UK Climate Service is being developed to provide weather & climate information needed to help people, communities, businesses & governments increase resilience. We are building on our experience in climate science, & its translation into advice, to form the core of the service. We are already extending & enhancing existing close partnerships, around the world, with other science institutions; delivery bodies, and business partners.

Services for the UK

Services for the UK As the scientists behind the UK Climate Projections and experts on climate science, the Met Office is ideally placed to provide detailed advice on the UK's changing climate.


International We work closely with environmental agencies; emergency planners; crisis response experts and aid agencies, such as DFID.

Case studies

Case studies A look at some of the climate change projects which have successfully used the climate services tools we provide.

Climate science

Climate science Climate Science provides the science capabilities to meet the requirements of a number of government and business customers.
Last Updated: 7 April 2011