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Foundation science

Foundation Science provides the underpinning science and model development critical to both weather and climate prediction.

Foundation Science brings together those areas of Research and Development which are fundamental to Met Office excellence
across both weather and climate prediction. It includes much of the work developing and evaluating the global Unified Model which is at the heart of our activities, and ensures that we gain maximum benefit from taking a seamless approach to science and prediction.


Dynamics Dynamics Research develops and maintains the dynamical core of the Met Office's Unified Model and undertakes research on numerical techniques for use in future cores.

Observational Studies

Observational Studies Using high-quality observations to study key physical processes within the atmosphere.


Parametrizations Carrying out research and development to improve the representation of physical processes in our weather and climate models.

Global Modelling

Global Modelling The Global Modelling section develops the Met Office global model, which is used across all timescales from Weather, Seasonal to Climate forecasting.
Last Updated: 12 November 2010