Report Of The East Of England Digital Preservation Regional Pilot Project (DARP)

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The need to preserve digital data is now widely acknowledged but due to the lack of clear working examples of digital preservation in practice, the processes and associated costs are not yet fully understood and recognised. This document reports on work funded by both EERAC and MLA East of England to support EERAC in meeting its goal of identifying collaborative solutions for the preservation of digital data. It is intended to be of interest to all archival organisations in the region, including those in the academic and private sectors, and provides guidance and recommendations for those organisations wanting to assure the future of digital records in their care.

The report aims to promote a better understanding of the processes and costs involved in digital preservation, and, to this end, is based on practical experience and a worked example involving Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire County Councils. By identifying and comparing the processes associated with the preservation of conventional and digital material, the document provides a useful base from which to inform consideration of the issues and associated costs of digital preservation.

Mindful of the solutions offered by the National Council on Archivesí Your Data at Risk report, possibilities are discussed for the issues raised in relation to the different elements of the processes required for effective digital preservation. Cost models and indicative costs are included for the benefit of those concerned with budgeting for the preservation of digitised material and are set in the context of the desirability of a regional archive.

Finally, the report reaches a number of conclusions which are of relevance to all organisations with a requirement for digital preservation. It also makes a series of recommendations based on outcomes from the project, both in regard to further research and analysis, and in relation to lessons learnt.


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