Impact of museums libraries and archives on children and young people (Draft)

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In December 2005, the Burns Owens Partnership (BOP) was contracted to undertake a review of museum, library and archive activity with children and young People, by MLA North West, MLA and Renaissance North West.

The literature review sets out the main strengths, weaknesses and gaps in the evidence base against current policy for children and young people, and offers a series of recommendations on how the evidence base might be improved. The report also identifies a need for the sector to engage more fully with the main service providers for children and young people, in terms of establishing better contacts, relationships and partnerships. It is only through a combination of improving both evidence and engagement that the sector will be in a position to help shape policy regarding children and young people.

The report makes recommendations on how to improve engagement with other public sector partners, particularly within the North West region. The first step of this process is to understand and clarify what the ‘offer’ is that museums, libraries and archives can make towards some of the most commonly defined goals within children and young people’s policy. The report develops a model of the offer and maps this in relation to children and young people’s policy.

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