Overview of Data in the Museums, Libraries and Archives Sector

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Matty, S.


The aim of this report is to produce a digest of statistics which pulls together key data about the museum, archive and library domains, based on those existing data sets which conform to certain standards of completeness, validity and reliability.

This report comprises five sections:

• Sections 1, 2 and 3,comprise individual chapters providing data that are currently available on museums, archives and libraries under a number of key themes. Each chapter has been written following the same structure, and describes recent developments in the relevant domain; introduces the data sources used; and, comments on the data available on a) users and non-users; b) institutions; and, c) the workforce
• Section 4 provides an “at a glance” indication of the available data that cover the MLA sector and are sufficiently complete, valid and reliable
• Section 5 concludes by drawing out some cross-domain data

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