Ancestral and Literary Tourism in the East Midlands

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Taylor, C., Harrower, G., Mirchandani, S., Norgrove, K.


This project researched the potential for developing Ancestral and Literary Tourism offers in the East Midlands based on the collections and interests of the regionís museums, archives, libraries, historic properties and heritage sites.

Three documents are avaiable in total;
1) A 'master' report from Phase 1
2) An exective Summary from Pase 1
3) A report which develops in some practical detail the ten recommendations outlined in Phase 1

Ancestral tourism and literary tourism are two distinctive niche genres of cultural tourism that span the interface between the tourism industry and the cultural sector. As such they both offer opportunities and challenges for the organizations and businesses seeking to develop and market products and services to a very sophisticated group of consumers. Based on existing information and new research, this report seeks to assess the potential for the different heritage and tourism bodies within the East Midlands to develop and grow these markets, and to outline the steps necessary for establishing such initiatives, which are by their nature, long-term commitments.



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Taylor, C., Harrower, G., Mirchandani, S., Norgrove, K.

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Cultural Consulting Network in collaboration with Seabridge Consulting



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East Midlands

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cultural tourism

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