Evaluation of the Pay & Power HLF-funded Archive Project

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Bone, V., Mitchell, B., Mander, D.


An evaluation of the impact of the Pay & Power project in relation to its aims and the effectiveness of the investment in the cataloguing and outreach programmes. Includes recommendations for strategic approaches for the region to sustain the outcomes of the project.

The findings demonstrated that:

The project would have benefited from examining user needs at the outset before planning the cataloguing and outreach programmes

The choice of collections for cataloguing, determined by the theme and the projectís resource requirements, was successful

Partnership working was a successful feature of the project with new partnerships created between the project team and the record offices, sub-regional groupings as well as with a number of services and organisations from outside the archive sector

The project was challenged by an initial lack of understanding of and commitment to the audience development element of the project and this weakened Pay & Power as a genuine regional partnership.

It delivered a large number of joint activities within the overall timescale and the agreed budget

The complex cataloguing programme was delivered successfully despite differences in standards and quality of the results between offices as well as issues about the supervision of cataloguing staff

Additional benefits from the cataloguing and provision of on-line access include staff and volunteer training.

The outreach programme was very successful in improving awareness amongst participants from professional and community groups alike

The outreach programme impacted on the participating archives by changing the way they approach education and outreach work from planning and delivery to evaluation.

The use of the Inspiring Learning for All (ILFA) framework was welcomed by the project consortium and was effective in gathering data from outreach event participants from both professional and community sectors.


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Bone, V., Mitchell, B., Mander, D.

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