Prisons and probation

Prison population projections

The latest National Statistics on prison population projections.

This release (generally annual) gives the projected monthly prison population in England and Wales up to 2016. Sub-population estimates are presented alongside the effects of legislation, sentencing activity, and so on relevant to the prison population.

The publication is released by the Ministry of Justice and produced in accordance with arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

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Prison population projections 2010-2016 (PDF 0.24mb 29 pages)

Prison population projections 2010-2016 statistical tables (Excel 0.03mb 6 pages)
Published 10 August 2010


Prison population projections 2009-2015 (PDF 0.21mb 26 pages)

Prison population projections 2009-2015 statistical tables (Excel 0.04mb 3 pages)
Published on 28 August 2009


Prison population projections 2008-2015 (PDF 0.32mb 28 pages)

Prison population projections 2008-2015 (Excel 0.02mb 3 pages)
Published on 18 September 2008

The bulletin is produced and handled by the ministry's analytical professionals and production staff. Pre-release access of up to 24 hours to the 2009-2015 projections was granted to the following persons:

Ministry of Justice: Secretary of State; Ministers of State; Permanent Secretary; Strategic Estate Director, NOMS; DOM - East of England, NOMS; Reward and Restructure Programme, NOMS; National Operations Group NOMS; Director General, MoJ Finance; Director General, Justice Policy Group; JPG, Criminal Law, Sentencing and Youth Justice Policy; JPG, Criminal Law, Sentencing and Youth Justice Policy; JPG, Offender Management Strategy; JPG, Offender Management Strategy; Youth Justice Board; Estates Capacity Directorate and relevant special advisers and press officers

Number 10: Private Office; Special Advisor