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Savings audit report

Internal Audit reports provide private advice to the Accounting Officer and it is recognised that failure to observe the private nature of that advice may undermine the effectiveness of Internal Audit.  However, in this instance, given the level of public interest in the report we have taken the exceptional decision to make it available.

Tue, 11/10/2011

Open letter to sector

Minister for Civil Society Nick Hurd has set out the strategic framework for the programmes and work of the Office of Civil Society in an open letter to the sector.

Tue, 11/10/2011

Supporting the National Security Council (NSC): The central national security and intelligence machinery

Study to look at maximising the effectiveness of the central national security and intelligence structures in light of the creation of the National Security Council.

Mon, 10/10/2011

Reporting on progress: Central Government websites

The review of Central Government websites 2010/2011 by COI.

Fri, 07/10/2011

Guide to Taking Minute

Some pointers to help deliver professional, accurate minutes.

Wed, 05/10/2011

Updated Guidance on Transparency

Procurement Policy Note.  Updates to transparency guidance and implications for the use of Contracts Finder.

Mon, 03/10/2011

Non-Executive Directors

List of the non-executive directors by government department.

Thu, 29/09/2011

Review of Department of Health: National Programme for IT

The review of the National Programme for IT as utilised by the Department of Health which reccomends a removal of the system by the Major Projects Authority.

Thu, 22/09/2011

Behavioural Insight Team annual update

Behavioural Insight Team annual update and the Government Response to the Science and Technology Select Committee Report on Behaviour Change.

Thu, 15/09/2011

Government Response to Reports on the 2010 General Election

The Government has published two responses to a set of reports on the administration of the 2010 UK Parliamentary General Election.

Wed, 14/09/2011

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