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If you need help with your delivery services then we can help. Delivery services are sub-divided as follows:

  • Postal – this includes:
    • Bespoke services
    • Mail consolidation – collection of unsorted mail:
      • Royal Mail or other operator
      • End to end
      • Down Stream Access (DSA)
    • DSA
    • End to end
    • International services
    • PO boxes
    • Pre-sortation for inbound delivery
    • Redirection
    • Response services
    • Secure mail
    • Track and trace
    • Undeliverables
  • Courier and logistics
    • Ad hoc and scheduled collections
    • Local and national delivery, both same day and next day
    • International services
    • Secure movement of cash and valuables
    • Delivery of hazardous goods including medical and veterinary material
    • Bespoke courier services
    • Storage and destruction of seized goods
    • Tailored solutions to meet customer requirements

Who would buy the service?

Anyone in the public sector can use these services from the smallest school to the largest government department.

How to use the service

  • You will need to be registered and logged on to the website to access all the information available
  • Click on the menu options on the left or the images at the bottom of the page to view more detail of the groups of services available

Further information on the delivery services can be found in the categories area of the website.