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EU flag Learning & Development and eLearning Solutions - Finance

This lot covers Finance knowledge and skills.  It is a critical area across the public sector. 

This may include strategic and/or operational development.  Work will be across a range of business functions and across all levels within organisations.

Types of solutions provided include:

  • Business Case, Grant Writing
  • Finance for Non-financial/Project Managers
  • Introduction to Accounting / Bookkeeping
  • Credit Control/Working Capital
  • Resource Accounting and Budgeting
  • Business Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring & Forecasting
  • Accounting Qualifications e.g. CIMA, ACCA, ATT, CIPFA
  • Sponsoring a Non Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs)
  • VAT training/Taxation
  • Audit & Controls
  • Handling Public Money
  • Understanding Government Accounting
  • Corporate Governance
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Finance Technical and Analytical Skills
  • Insolvency Training
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Learning & Development and eLearning Solutions - Finance
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