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Our IT service offerings currently include:

  • Software licencing
  • Multi-functional devices (MFD’s)
  • Geographic Information Services and Solutions (GISS)
  • ICT consultancy and delivery services
  • Software Application Solutions
  • Desktop21
  • Sprint ii – one stop shop for all ICT products and services

New and replacement IT services are planned. These will encompass:

  • IT managed services

For further details on these new services please visit our ICT procurement update page.

Key benefits of using the service

We make it quick, easy and convenient for our customers to procure the IT services they need, while saving them money in the process.

As we’ve completed a rigorous OJEU selection process our customers avoid the cost of this time consuming process.

  • EU-compliance – complete peace of mind that you are using a fully EU-compliant service that is not open to challenge
  • Fulfil urgent requirements – the OJEU procurement process takes many months, however, using our service saves on average 77 days
  • Choice of services - from a wide selection of accredited and trusted suppliers
  • Best practice procurement – all suppliers are carefully evaluated to ensure that they offer the scope and quality of services required by our public service customers. Pre-agreed terms and conditions offer customers sound contractual safeguards
  • Ease of ordering and convenience - use of our online catalogue ordering facility, step-by-step Capability Assessment tool (CA) and Invitation To Quote (ITQ) system makes the entire process quick and easy to follow
  • No financial limits – there is no limit on quantity or value of orders
  • Free service – customers are not charged for using our services
  • Support – access information and advice from our experts, as required

Who would buy the service?

Anyone in the public sector can use this service, from the smallest school to the largest government department.

How to use the service

  • You will need to be registered and logged on to the website to access all the information available
  • Use the left hand menu options or the images at the bottom of the page to view more detail of the groups of services available

Important notice

Visit our ICT procurement update page for further information on new services in the pipeline.