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Facilities Management

Buying Solutions’ second generation Facilities Management framework agreement is now available for use.

A Flexible Framework

Facilities Management services can be purchased through this framework either on a Total Facilities Management (TFM), Bundled Service or Single Service (where available) basis. The intention of the framework agreement is flexibility thereby enabling different Procurement Options for the structure of FM contracts to reflect the way in which Government and public sector customers manage their services.

Scope of Services

The framework agreement focuses on facilities management services only, although property and estates services can continue to be acquired through our Estates Professional Services – RM 397 framework agreement.

The scope of the framework agreement has been developed to provide the full range of facilities management services, which can be broken down into Hard FM, Soft FM, Managed Services and Additional Relevant Services. For the full scope of facilities management services please access the following link.


One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing facilities management services is the fact that it enables customers to focus on their core business by ensuring that non-core activities are carried out by appropriate specialists. Outsourcing can also deliver significant operational cost and efficiency savings.

Customers can also realise significant price savings as a result of procuring one large contract for various integrated services as opposed to a number of different contracts for individual single services.


Eight leading national service providers have been appointed onto the framework agreement following the successful completion of a rigorous EU compliant procurement exercise.

Model Contract

Customers using the framework agreement will be required to adopt the NEC3 Term Service Contract (NEC3 TSC).  The NEC3 TSC is available for a small purchase at the following page and should be read in conjunction with the Model Contract.

Further information about NEC and the NEC3 Term Service Contract can be found by clicking on the following link.

Contract Duration

Contracts awarded during the life of the framework agreement can last up to a maximum of seven years.

Supporting Government Initiatives

The Facilities Management framework agreement supports and enables key Government initiatives such as Sustainable Operations on the Government Estate (SOGE), Electronic Property and Information Mapping Service (e-PIMS), Embedding Skills, Training and Apprenticeships in Public Procurement, Transforming Government Procurement, and High Performing Property.

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