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EU flag Legal Services - Major Projects (including complex, innovative PFI/PPP)

The areas of law or types of activities which might typically arise under this category are:

  • Project finance (including PFI)
  • Other PPPs (including corporate joint ventures, public service concessions or franchises and strategic outsourcing projects)
  • Equity capital markets (including privatisations by way of initial public offerings (IPOs) and equity derivative products
  • Asset finance and structured finance (including securitisation)
  • Debt capital markets (including listed bond issues and commercial paper programmes, listed debt re-scheduling, monoline credit wraps and credit derivative products)
  • Financial services regulation (including Financial Services & Markets Act, rules of the UK Listing Authority and the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers)
  • Public infrastructure regulation (i.e. UK/EU licensing, price control, anti-trust and State Aid rules applicable to energy, water, transport and telecommunications industries)



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Legal Services - Major Projects (including complex, innovative PFI/PPP)
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